Conversation About Holiday Plan

Adi, Budi, and Sam are talking about next school holiday in their school.

Adi     :"Hey Sam what will you do next holiday?"
Budi   :"I think Sam will go to the Bali because his Grandma is live there."
Sam    :"Nope, I will go to Pangandaran Beach next holiday?"
Budi   :"Where the place is?"
Adi     :"You dont know that place? Hahaha."
Budi   :"Im asking because I dont know. Dont laugh at me"
Sam    :"Pangandaran is in Ciamis."
Adi     :"Yea, thats right."
Budi   :"Is it a great place for holiday?"
Sam    :"Of course that place is the favorite place for people in holday!"
Budi   :"Hear that... I want to go there too"
Adi     :"So what is your plan Budi?"
Sam    :"Yes I want to hear your plan."
Budi   :"Actually, I dont have any plan for holiday."
Adi     :"Why, are you not bored to stay in home?"
Sam    :"If you want, come with me to Pangandaran."
Budi   :"In fact I have some lesson that I have to remedial, hehehe."
Adi     :"Huft, I thought that you are have many plan for holiday."
Sam    :"So, what about you Adi?"
Adi     :"My plan is go to Australia because that place is awesome"
Budi   :"Wow! you want to go to Australia?"
Sam    :"With whom will you go?"
Adi     :"Of course with my lovely family"
Budi   :"Where will you go in Australia?"
Adi     :"I will go to the zoo cause that is some animal you cant look in Indonesia and more places like Sydney and around there."
Budi   :"You have a better plan than Sam."
Sam    :"But I have better plan than you hehehe"
Adi     :"Yes your holiday place is in this place."
Sam    :"S-C-H-O-O-L School Hahaha!"
Budi   :"Help me to study dont laugh at me."
Adi     :"Okay okay sorry just kidding haha."
Sam    :"Yes just kidding bro."
Adi     :"Sorry I have to go now, bye!"
Budi   :"Bye I have to go too!"
Sam    :"You guys left me, okay I want to do some assignment here!"   

Unforgettable Moment

Hello! Welcome back to my blog!

  I have many unforgettable moment. One of it is the moment when I was still Junior Highschool, I elected to became a OSIS member.

  First day all of the students who was elected to became OSIS gather in hall. I was very proud of me to became OSIS and I choosen to be a SEKBID 1 that I will coordinate Qurban Event, Pesantren Kilat, and more.

  Second day in the morning all of the students breakfast and then gather in field to do PBB, it was 2 hours. PBB is line of march, we do this for inauguration ceremony. at 12 o'clock we take a break for worship and lunch. After we break, we were going to field to do PBB again. After it finished we were go home.

  Third day was the inauguration ceremony and we were tense but after ceremony we were very happy because we were implement it fluently, and we were officially became OSIS member.


Conversation in English.

Nicolas  :"What are you doing?"
Jason     :"I am looking for English book."
Nicolas  :"The English book is on a bookshelf, let me take it."
Jason     :"Thanks for your help, by the way whats your name?"
Nicolas  :"I'm Nicolas from X Science 2, and you?"
Jason     :"I'm Jason from X Science 10."
Nicolas  :"Where are you from Jason?"
Jason     :"I'm from Australia. Where are you from?
Nicolas  :"I'm from Indonesia."
Jason     :"Where do you live?"
Nicolas  :"I live in Bandung."
Jason     :"What is your address?"
Nicolas  :"Flower Street no.8"
Jason     :"I live there too!"
Nicolas  :"Oh really?"
Jason     :"Yes my address is Flower Street no.53"
Nicolas  :"We can study together in my house or your house"
Jason     :"Yes we can"
Nicolas  :"The bell is ringing!"
Jason     :"Thats not the bell sound."
Nicolas  :"So, whats that?"
Jason     :"Thats your phone sound."
Nicolas  :"Hahaha... I thought that was bell."
Jason     :"Hahaha."
Nicolas  :"We have same schedule for the next lesson."
Jason     :"Yes, the next lesson is English."
Nicolas  :"Do you want study together before the bell is ringing?"
Jason     :"Ok lets study on that gazebo!"
Nicolas  :"The bell is ringing!"
Jason     :"See you Nico!
Nicolas  :"See you!"

It's All About Me

     Hello! Welcome to my blog!

    I want to introduce myself first, my name is Nicolas Irgy Adryan my friends usually call me Nico. I was born in Bandung, 26 September 2002. I am one of the students 3'20 Senior Highschool Bandung. My hobby are music and sport. I wish i can be Engineer.
    Im the second of four children, I have 3 siblings 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, and 1 younger brother. My family and I live in Bandung.
    I have many unforgettable experience but I want to tell you all my most unforgettabble experience. When I was a student in 34 Junior Highschool, I get trophy that I was rank 2 in Ujian Nasional (National Exam) when I was get the trophy, I was like 'Wow, really? am I dreaming?' but thats really happen to me I was very happy. 
That's all from me, thanks! for read this article.